Cập nhật 5 Altcoin ấn tượng nhất năm 2021


December 28, 2021 17:44, UTC

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As the crypto industry’s most bullish year draws to a close, it’s time to look back at the tokens that have garnered the most supporters over the past 12 months.

These are coins that have started a new trend, created a sub-segment of the market or challenged the odds by gaining traction. Sometimes their appearance leads to massive price increases, sometimes extreme volatility. Many of the coins listed here also garner major attention, revealing that there’s a lot more to cryptocurrencies besides market leaders. Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Without further advice, here it is Decryption(subjective) list of the year’s most impressive coins by category. Separately, make sure to check out our list of the top performing crypto assets of 2021 based on data closely.


Besides the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, another important metric everyone is watching is the market capitalization for stablecoins. This year, the cumulative value of all dollar-pegged cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed, reaching over $167 billion.

Market capitalization of the 7 largest stablecoins. Source: CoinGecko.

But for decentralized purists, there is only one problem (actually two). The largest and most used stablecoins on the market, Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC), are all controlled by traditional companies. Not available KNIFEThere is no Discord channel, and arguably, very little transparency about what is supporting these coins.

Decentralized projects like Terra (and its stablecoin UST) have emerged and built on the success of one of the original algorithmic stablecoins, TOUGH, to counter these centralized incumbents. These stablecoins are decentralized because they are backed by other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Luna, rather than deposits or equivalents.

Terra’s UST has had a particularly successful year. On January 2nd, the stablecoin’s market cap was below $200 million. Today, that number is now over $10 billion, with UST recently overtaking DAI as the largest decentralized stablecoin in crypto.

This move will show that there is clear demand for a solid decentralized digital dollar and now there is even competition for the top spot.


Marketing As a “floating” cryptocurrency that maintains “stable purchasing power”, OHM has been one of the leading Tokens DeFi Trend 2.0.

Rather than incentivize the farming of mercenary profits (that’s Q1), projects under the DeFi 2.0 umbrella are working to create better incentives to maintain precious liquidity in the long term. Instead of multi-million dollar rewards programs (of which 2021 is many) turning into multi-fold cash receipts, these projects are opting out of so-called rental liquidity.

Olympus Pro is a new service that aims to share Olympus’ “protocol bond” innovation with treasuries across DeFi.

Linking solves a recurring problem faced by DeFi protocols based on liquidity mining incentives: liquidity is a temporary leased asset.

– c͏h͏a͏s͏e d͏e͏v͏e͏n͏s (@chasedevens) October 6, 2021

OlympusDAO, the project behind OHM, was one of the first to make a breakthrough in recreating these offers with its linking and staking mechanism.

With OlympusPro, the team also provides a white label solution that allows DeFi projects to kickstart their community’s liquidity needs.

Why DeFi projects are flocking to OlympusDAO Bonding

The service quickly gained ground, with projects like Thorswap, StakeDAO, and ShapeShift moving to Olympus. Most importantly, however, the project (and cohorts such as Tokemak, Alchemix, and Fei Protocol) provided a glimpse into how decentralized finance is.DeFi) space will grow.

Shiba Inu.

What would a year-end list look like without at least one of the famous dog coins?

Born in August 2020, Shiba Inu (SHIB) didn’t capture the hearts and minds of crypto enthusiasts until its initial price doubled in May 2021. The meme then crashed shortly after — only to hit levels all-time high is $0.00008616.

Although these prices equate to less than a cent in value, the dizzying rise of this canine cryptocurrency has turned many retail speculators into overnight millionaires.

What’s even more strange is how this crypto also generates a whole pack of ferocious, but very small, dog coins. Tokens like Floki Inu, Baby Dogecoin, and Kishu Inu are also starting to appear across TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram — they all aim to be Dogecoin.

By the way, the dog coin on Solana is called $SAMO.

– Matias Dorta (@mattdorta) October 28, 2021

It quickly became a crapshoot, as people randomly picked up entire portfolios filled with different dog coins in hopes of participating. nouveau rich cryptocurrencies.

However, few people enjoy the lasting power of SHIB or its DOGE predecessor, which again reveals that a good meme is worth billions.

Axie Infinity.

If you can’t afford Axie, the Pokémon-like creature that players use to fight in Axie Infinity, that’s because the original play-for-money crypto game has had an epic year. Just one of these little creatures can sell for up to 300 Ethereum. And you will need three of them to start your campaign. Sorry.

But thanks to the success of Axie, you can catch the next wave.

The trend of playing for money, sometimes called GameFi (another time gambling with extra steps and nice graphics), has attracted venture capitalists as well as critics. However, the niche seems to have serious staying power.

In short, the trend is trying to allow people to monetize all the hours spent in the virtual world fighting the bad guys and picking up unique collectibles in the game.

Collectibles in that game, like the land, magic shield, or Axie character, are all encrypted as non-fungible Tokens (NFT) on a blockchain (usually Ethereum). Other networks are taking note, with Solanaprojects based on Aurory and Star Atlas both attract serious attention despite just getting started.

Larger traditional gaming studios are also eyeing this trend. Ubisoft, the company behind brands like the Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed series, even has announced plans to launch in-game NFTs built on Tezos block chain.

While the company has been clear that these NFTs won’t have an income element, the niche is growing steadily.

And as the idea becomes more popular, gamers may soon have an extra incentive to hit a new high score.


Every supermarket needs virtual real estate and the digital housing market is full of frost.

LAND units, pixel-sized parcels of land divided by Decentraland, are increasing in value. In November, only one plot of land was sold for a record $2.43 million in the virtual world’s original cryptocurrency, MANA. This is more than double the previous record of $913,000 set in June.

Stepping back and looking at the rest of the subsector’s growth over last year paints a similar picture. Not just one, but hundreds of plots of land for sale for a total of $470,000 in a virtual world called Somnium Space returns in May 2020.

Pop icons are also cashing in on the metaverse. For example, Rapper Snoop Dogg is try to recreate his California mansion in The Sandbox. Currently, the adjacent lot has been sold for $450,000.

👀 You will not be my neighbor. https://t.co/A3JdUrDEkj

– Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) December 3, 2021

Of course, the better story here is about Facebook rebrand to Meta. This shift shows that a digital world in which we live alongside many millionaires is not a profitable place, but could very well be the future of online interactions.

From the dog coins that attract the attention of the army of TikTokers to the future of gaming, 2022 will prove whether these five trends are more than just a fad.

After all, the question remains: Now that UST has overtaken DAI, what are its chances to take on (and beat) Tether and USDC? Will DeFi 2.0 crash and burn like previous years or are we seeing the future of the financial industry unfold before our eyes?

With anything in crypto, it’s easy to be sharp-eyed.

While 2021 is a year for the times (not just for crypto), establishing a new normal in a post-pandemic society means the always-online realm of tokens, games, and the world. The virtual world will become the backstop for the world of popular meat hobby.

However, cryptocurrencies have captured much of our collective thinking. And every year it attracts more, bull run or bust.

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